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ADC EcoDry ES-35
ADC EcoDry ES-35ADC EcoDry ES-35ADC EcoDry ES-35

ADC EcoDry ES-35

35-lb Capacity OPL Dryer

Standard Features:
• 35-lb. Capacity
• Residual Moisture Control (RMC)
• Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
• 100% Axial Airflow
• Completely Sealed Basket
• Non-Perforated Ribs and Basket
• Dual-Paned Door Glass
• Four-Point Roller Support System
• High Capacity Lint Drawer

Optional Features:
• Stainless Steel Front, Cabinet & Basket
• Single Phase Reversing
• S.A.F.E. (Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing System)

Why Purchase ADC EcoDry?

100% Axial Airflow (standard)
EcoDry tumblers incorporate a 100% axial airflow design with a completely sealed basket. This ensures the most
efficient drying available on the market today without sacrificing dry times.

Four-Point Roller Support System (standard)
EcoDryers are designed with a four-point roller support system, eliminating costly repairs and downtime due to
trunnion failures.

Residual Moisture Control (standard)
EcoDry utilizes a unique Residual Moisture Control (RMC) sensing system to measure the presence of moisture in the
load. The patented system senses when the load is dry, shutting the unit down to prevent over-drying. This saves time, utility costs as well as prolongs the life of dried items.

Available Option: Single Phase Reversing
Single Phase Reversing is an optional feature on the ES-35. What once was an expensive option requiring an upgrade
from single phase to three phase electrical service is now available in single phase. A reversing tumbler ensures that
the load doesn't "rope" or "ball up", providing a quicker, more even drying process.

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